The rock’n’roll mega train rolled into Glasgow in the form of a Pop Evil, Upon A Burning Body and the mighty Five Finger Death Punch triple bill and with the Academy packed to the rafters it was going to be a good one . Pop Evil took the stage at a disgustingly early 7:30pm the place was jumping by 7:31pm!!! Opening their short set with Deal With The Devil Pop Evil wasted no time in getting down to what they do best …playing rock music, former Archangel bassist Matt DiRito making full use of the large stage and his mop of black hair whilst singer Leigh Kakaty scans the audience with a menacing stare. Kakaty’s blood curdling scream in the opening bars of Hero brings down the house…brilliant song. Boss’s daughter is pure rock’n’roll at its best…melodic, sleazy and fast.. All too quickly its over, half an hour of glorious punchy rock with holds barred, Pop evil bow out with Last Man Standing getting the whole crowd to jump an amazing sight. The band thank the audience and get their picture taken with them…Hopefully Pop Evil will be back but this time headlining…I’ll be first in the queue for tickets.

Pix by Westy