John Peel favourites The Men They Couldn’t Hang’ mark their 30th anniversary with a fan funded new album. ‘The Defiant’ was funded through the pledge music scheme and to promote the new album the band are touring the UK

Famous for their raucous live shows tonight’s sold out gig at Scotland’s most famous venue ‘King Tuts’ was a must for all live music fans….so if you weren’t fast you were definitely last!! King Tuts is a cozy venue if not damn small so cramming 300 or so jumpy TMTCH fans into the two levels was going to be a daunting experience and if your stuck on the upper tier and you need the bog…forget it!

Raymond Meade had the unenviable task of standing in front of this baying mass of excitedness , armed with his acoustic guitar and bassist this talented singer/songwriter seemed to be fighting a losing battle until he threw in a Pogues song and won the crowd over…

The band arrive on stage with Stefan Cush introducing the band as an independent band…unlike the folks in the audience!!! Devil On The Wind opens TMTCH set and the mayhem commences. A hot sweaty set spit into two halves, the first includes two new songs ‘Night Ferry’ and ‘Fail To Comply’as well as the crowd favourite ‘The Ghost of Cable Street’.

A fag break divides the two sets and singer/guitarist Stefan Cush, treats the crowd to a rendition of ‘Donald Where’s Yer Troosers”

Set two opens with “Smugglers” and the mayhem takes up where it loft off!! Another two songs ‘Bonfires’ and the most excellent ‘Raising Hell’, the politically loaded song about the 1984 miner’s strike ‘Shirt Of Blue” brings the roof down as does ‘The Colours’ and ‘Ironmasters’…. The Men They Couldn’t Hang’ return to the stage after a very loud encore with their biggest hit to date…Eric Bogle’s ‘The Green Fields Of France”.. the song’s protagonist imagined having a conversation with one of the fallen soldiers of World War I. The catchy ‘Walkin Talkin’ concludes a brilliant set…and no-one wants to go home!!