Level 42 have always been a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine…not the pop songs of the mid eighties but the early jazz funk material mainly from The Early Tapes from 1980, real bass driven stuff conjured up from the slap style of Mark King along with the Gould brothers and keyboard player Mike Lindup. During the eighties and 90’s Level 42 massed a huge faithful following of fans spanning across huge tastes in music from rock, jazz to pop propelling them to superstardom and selling millions of records.

Now in 2014 its good to see the same eclectic fans still attending their gigs and great to see Glasgow’s O2 ABC rammed to the back walls.

Level 42 take the stage bolstered with a three piece brass section and open with my favorite ‘Love Games”, immediately the crowd soak up the grove and settle down to a laid back feel of a classic Level 42 gig. The set spans from ‘The Early Tapes’ right up to date with the latest album ‘Sirens’ including ‘88’ Where’s Yo Head At’, ‘The Sun Goes Down’, ‘Lessons In Love’, ‘Leaving Me Now’… An amazing collection of song/compositions steer the audience through the years and best of all for me watching virtuoso Mark King play the most amazing bass lines…a real privilege..

Now this gig is over I can get back to being my miserable old punk self and put my Level 42 albums back in the attic…..