Thrill and spills, all the fun and adventure of a big adventure thing!!! That’s what your guaranteed at a Kaiser Chiefs gig…and of course expect the unexpected. It would be easy to forgive Ricky Wilson for getting big headed about his success on “The Voice’ where his likeable personna shines through the fabricated plastic world of manufactured pop making him a firm favourtie with viewers of the show. Not a bit of it ….it seems it was a band decision to let him participate to raise awareness of the band and beside when he takes the stage with the Kaiser Chiefs he is the Kaiser Chief’s sing not Ricky Wilson and The Kaiser Chiefs…a position he holds dear and emphisises over and over again….

Public Broadcasting Service give an excellent if not slightly eccentric opening set entertaining the slightly bemused but happy crowd….one in the diary to catch when they return on their own.

The opening chords of ‘The Factory Gates’ blast through the PA and the audience disappear into a thick cloak of smoke blasting from the smoke generators as they go into overdrive…gradually the smoke dissipates revealing the band on stage….

What follows is a high energy gig with masses of audience participation and a manic Ricky Wilson using every inch of the stage as well as the most of the auditorium …at one point he takes to the circle seating are to hang off the balcony with his minder hanging on to his belt!!

Hit after hit with songs from all four of their albums ‘Employment’ getting an airing…’Every Day I Love You Less And Less’, ‘Na Na Na Na’ , The Angry Mob’…. A slight dip pace when the band play the final tracks from their debut album ‘Employment’ – ‘Team Mate’ and their current offering ‘Education, Education, Education & War’ – ‘Roses’ but that didn’t last long as ‘Modern Way’ reintroduces the madness again….

Band choices sees bassist Simon name being picked from a sporn by Ricky Wilson using his mouth!! And him choosing ‘Take My Temperature’, a rather excellent choice but then again bassist have the best taste in any band…it’s a well known fact.

‘Ruby” and ‘I Predict A Riot’ raises the roof and the noise to ear busting volumes then Ricky dedicates their cover of ‘Pinball Wizard’ to his Voice protégé ‘Stevie McCrorie’ who was reportedly backstage..

‘Coming Home’ closes the set with band being piped back on stage to play an encore consisting of new single ‘Falling Awake’, Misery Company’ and ‘Oh My God’…….


All pix © Stuart Westwood Photography 2015     Full Gallery HERE