Jamie T and the Barrowlands ….two elements that come together every now and again but when they do with a sold out audience thrown in madness will ensue… guaranteed

His new album was five years in the making and saw a change in direction….a more mature approach to writings songs so it was going to be interesting to see how they translate live.

Opening tonight were the absolutely magnificent “Slaves’ a powerful duo of guitar and drums who were on fire…so much so the audience decided to put out their enthusiastic fire by dousing them in beer! Not to be put off they returned fire.

Opening with ‘Limits Lie’ and ‘Don’t You Find’ tracks one and two from ‘Carry On The Grudge’ and the crowds reaction seems to catch Jamie T off guard….”this aint the Glasgow I remember!!” he states, that all changes after ‘Operation is played….mental and beer….lots of beer and flying beer at that.

A set comprised mainly of songs from ‘Carry On The Grudge’ but the loudest applause was kept for the older material ‘Back In The Game’ and ‘Sheila’ with one obvious exception ‘Zombie’ which almost brought the ceiling down. The band concluded a mainly terrific set with another crowd favourite ‘Sticks and Stones’…

Another great Monday night for me at The Barras and a great first encounter with Jamie T…..Enjoy the photos

All Pix b Westy @ Stuart Westwood Photography 2014 …more photos HERE