“Welcome to our intimate gig to introduce you to our new album La Petite Mort” Tim Booth announces to a sold out Electric Ballroom in London …Its been 2 months since this gig was announced and 1000 lucky fans managed to get their hands on tickets for what was going to be one of the most eagerly anticipated gigs of the year……

James return June 2nd with ‘La Petite Mort’, their first new full length album in six years and ranks amongst the band’s best. Highlights include the mighty, forthcoming single ‘Moving On’, the 6 Music playlisted taster ‘Frozen Britain’ and ‘Curse Curse’. The album is produced by Max Dingel (Killers, Muse, White Lies) and written, as ever, by the band with lyrics by Tim Booth.

James opened with track one from La Petite Mort “Walk Like You” and the crowds hot long wait was over…a single light illuminated Tim Booth’s face as he sung the striking lyrics…the room filled with blue light as the song built into its finale.   The opening chords of Laid blasted out of the pa and the crowd went mad as Tim Booth left the stage and climbed onto the pit barrier…. an awesome moment.. ‘Waltzing Along’ gets the crowd swaying along in unison in a mass throng of happy bodies.

Booth introduces ‘Frozen Britain’ for the new album to a massive cheer and see’s him contorting his body in his now trademark manic dancing…the fans love it. There is a slight dip in the proceedings when James perform ‘Bitter Virtue’ and All I’m Saying” but is lifted again when guitarist Jim Glennie halts ‘Interrogation’ to tune his 12 string guitar…”Talk amongst yourselves…this could take some time” he announces sheepishly to the happy crowd..

This was one of those gigs you wanted to go on and on but unfortunately the set was brought to and end with the James immense classic ‘Sound’, ‘Sometimes’ and the new single from La Petit Mort….’Moving On”

James were encored back onto the stage by the crowd demanding more……and of course James obliged with ‘Say Something’, the excellent new song ‘Curse Curse’ and concluding with “Getting Away With it”……James took a bow and thanked the fans and that was it!!! Finished.

James tour the UK in November to promote ‘La Petite Mort”….get you tickets quick as they wont be around for long…..


Pix © Westy