What do you get if you mix Liam Gallagher with Donovan….Jake Bugg would be a damn good answer if such a paradox existed. According to some sources this glum lad is a great laugh away from the stage but evidently on stage he likes to keep his laughing to a minimum.

A packed house awaits the lad from Nottingham consisting mainly of teenagers spawned of the new swagger generation and with no Oasis to lead them Jake Bugg is only to happy to take on that particular roll…

Jake picked up the Best New Act Award at the prestigious Q Awards in 2013, and has been nominated for an array of other awards, including two Brit Awards in consecutive years. His debut album has sold over one million copies worldwide, whilst the follow up “Shangri La” was produced by the legendary Rick Rubin at his studios in Malibu.

When Jake Bugg takes the stage he commands the stage he might not be Captain Charisma but his songs speak for themselves …’Messed Up Kids’ opens the set and the crowd go apeshit, ‘Storm Passes Away’ see’s shades of Woodie Guthrie poking through the lists of influences that make up Bugg’s style. ‘Two Fingers’ gets a massive crowd sing along… Armed with two albums of material to compile a set from theres plenty to keep the animated crowd happy but the biggest roar is kept for ‘Taste It’ and the last song ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’

Jake Bugg may be slightly void of a stage presence but armed with his songs and talent that matters not a jot ….in his fans eyes he is king.

All pix © Westy