At this gig we’re all kids of the 80’s only with glasses and less hair that is except for Ian McNabb the lone figure sitting on the stage with a couple of acoustics and a mop of hair with only his proud nose sticking through!!!

Ian McNabb once fronted the excellent Liverpool band ‘The Icicle Works’ a band that delivered some of the most exciting and uplifting music of the image obsessed 80’s…. ‘Love Is A wonderful Colour’, ‘Evangeline’ and ‘Understanding Jane’

McNabb has an amazing singing voice that carries off songs that once were full of bright colorful guitars and drums now full of space and emotion. Sometimes acoustic versions of rock songs don’t quite meet the mark but not here. The crowd is obviously well versed in this troubadour’s songs as at times the crowd take over in vocal duties much to his delight and when somebody in crowd retorts that he is a genius McNabb has to stop the song whist he is in fits of laughter..

In a long set consisting of songs from his 10 (I think) solos albums and some Icicle Works songs Ian McNabb entertains his fans who in turn entertain him in a cosy intimate gig…Excellent