Hands Like houses are an alternative rock 6 piece hailing from Canberra, Australia. Formed from what remained from local bands “So Long Safety” and “Eternal Debut”. The band travelled to Chango Studios to record their first self titled Ep with producer Cameron Mizell.  This lead to them eventually getting signed with Rise Records. After being signed by Rise Records, in January 2012 they released their debut album, “Ground Dweller”. They then released their follow up album “Unimagine” just a year later.

Hands Like Houses smashed the Oh Yeah Centre with their huge iconic sound on May 3rd. With noticeable influences such as metal instrumentation and electronic styled sequences they stand out from the stereotypical alternative rock band. The band features great lyrical content and melodic clean vocals from frontman Trenton Woodley, catchy modulated melodies and tight rhythms from Schecter wielding guitarists Alexander Pearson and Matt “Coops” Cooper, keyboard skills courtesy of Jamal Sabet, a solid headband inducing back line from Joel Tyrrell on bass duties and of  course Matt Parkitny crushing the drums.



They finished up their Head lining UK and Ireland tour with Belfast at the Oh Yeah Centre on May 3rd. They were also supported by local alternative metal band “We Collide”. Based in a small east coast town in larne, We Collide also formed from remains of other local bands. Featuring brutal screamed vocals as well as clean melodic passages from singer and frontman Ricky Baird, solid metal core styled guitar riffs and technical melodic leads from Jordan Hamill and Stephen Walsh, and a powerful low end rhythm section courtesy of Dean Ward on Drums and Ben McCartney on Bass.



Both bands stayed a while after the concert to sign tickets, chat to the fans and also get photos. It’s so refreshing to see such talented people take the time to get to know the people who love their music.