Back in the day (1989 to be exact) GUN released their album ‘Taking On The World’….bucking all trends of bouffant hair do’s and white sox with brogues GUN were an unapologetic rock band with rock band attitudes.

“Taking On The World” marked a milestone in the Scottish band’s history, selling more than 60K in the UK alone and the single “Better Days” charted in the UK top 40. Their March tour will see them playing a homecoming gig at iconic Glasgow Barrowlands.

To mark its re-release and as a precursor to the tour GUN play a three night run of gigs at King Tuts to play their first three albums Sunday 9th Nov – Taking On The World, Mon 10th Nov – Gallus and Tue 11th Nov – Swagger

Tonight (Sunday) it was “Taking On The World” possibly my favourite album of the eighties and one that held a lot of memories for me..

Sunday night and King Tuts …the NME’s Small Venue Of The Year was rammed to the back wall with GUNners of all shapes and sizes were waiting to be transported back to 1989 at the hands of the GUN time machine…

Jools Gizzi strolls onto a darkened stage and fires out the opening riff of ‘Money’ and the crowd go nuts….from the oft its evident that Dante Gizzi wont need to be doing much singing as the crowd drown him out …the hairs on the back of my neck are on end and Dante Gizzi has a smile as wide as the Clyde on his face. Tonight isn’t about GUN punting a new album its all about the past and spending a night having a singsong with some mates…all that’s missing was the campfire. ‘Taking On The World’ as promised was played in its entirety forgotten classics like ‘Shame On You’ ‘Better Days’ and ‘Something To Believe In’ brought the memories flooding back …I forgot how good the album was…closing with their most famous cover ‘Word Up’ from the album ‘Swagger’ but the crowd weren’t in the mood for going home…GUN return to play ‘Real World’, ‘One Wrong Turn’ and concluding with another classic ‘Steal Your Fire’ from ‘Gallus’…..

Is ‘Taking On The World’ worth resurrecting??…you bet, get in there and give it laldy!!