You either love them or hate them but there’s no denying Glasvegas make some sweet sounds, their Spectorsque wall of sound driven by percussionist Jonna Löfgren is like no other band in Scotland. Once the darlings of the Scottish music press with their pictures adorning the papers Glasvegas seem to fallen out of favor with the said music press, 2013 saw a new record deal with BMG and the release of their self produced third studio album ‘Later…When The TV Turns To Static’ with European and North American tours in 2014 to promote it. Tonight Glasvegas return to The Old Fruit Market in Glasgow to play to their devoted and fiercely partisan fans.. a gig that promised to be a cracker (well it is Christmas!!).

A packed crowd welcomed a lone figure of singer songwriter Declan Welsh onto stage who despite looking a tad nervous won over the crowd when he finished his short set with ‘Fairytale Of New York’. Next into the lions den were the excellent Swedish duo ‘Oh Jonathan’…a slightly strange choice of support until we learned of the family connection with Jonna Löfgren, I’m not quite sure the Glasgow crowd knew what to make of them.

Glasvegas appear on stage fashionably late led by James Allan sporting a spectacular pair of strides amplified by the neon lighting…’Magazine’ opens the set and gets Glasvegas off to a flyer and James Allan looking slightly uncomfortable with the adoration being poured onto him by the crowd. ‘Flowers and Football Tops’ is brilliant, Glasvagas are on form and James Allan is on fire, when he’s good he’s very good and when he’s bad …well you know how it goes… ‘Secret Truth’ is the latest single and its belter, not exactly uplifting but deliciously dark. A fairy lit glittery hat is tossed onto the stage; James Allan inspects it with disgust and tells the crowd there’s no way he’s wearing that!! Which is met by chants of “wear it…wear it”…Allan tosses it aside which is then met by a collective boo…All is soon forgotten when ‘Euphoria Take My Hand’ is played and played very well too. ‘Its My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry’ is the showstopper when the audience steals singing duties from James in spectacular style and which seems to stop the singer in his tracks. Obligatory Christmas interlude when the band are joined on stage by ‘Oh Jonathan’ who provide sweet backing vocals for ’A Snowflake Fell’…very sweet. The opening notes of ‘Geraldine’ blast out of ‘Rab Allan’s guitar amp and the place goes apeshit with pints and arms flying everywhere as the crowd lunge to the front of the stage. Classic Glasvegas to finish the set ‘Daddy’s Gone’, ‘Ice Cream Van’ and ‘Go Square Go’ finish the set returning with new song ’Glasshouse’ and concluding with ‘Lots Sometimes’.

My fourth encounter with Glasvegas was for me the best.

All Photos © Stuart Westwood Photography   Full gallery HERE