Absolutely cracking weekend for music in Glasgow…Placebo, The Mission, Fields Of The Nephilim and Primal Scream all to choose from.. The Academy was to host a very rare opportunity the catch goth superstars The Mission and Fields of The Nephilim sharing a stage on a joint headliners on the Revelations Tour UK

First up tonight Were Fields Of The Nephilim fronted by Carl McCoy…. opening with Dead But Dreaming the instrument track sees the band creep onto stage, they strike a ghostly presence on draped in their usual black desperado gear McCoy looks menacing staring out into the audience with his piercing blue eyes, For Her Light introduces McCoy’s guttural vocals accentuated by masses of reverb fills the packed venue although with none of the usual smoke…at the moment at least. The Nephilim’s set consist almost entirely from early nineties material finishing a brief set with their most commercial offering Moonchild …now stage is typical Fields Of The Nephilim territory thick with smoke and dim light… The band disappear into the smoke offstage but are encored byack onto stage by a very demanding audience to play a slightly abridged version of Exit For The Lost and bang up to date with Mourning Sun fro the 2013 album of the same name.

The Mission would have to be pretty special to beat the Fields Of The Nephilim’s performance…as the house lights dropped a single point of light shines out from the back of the stage and out of the darkness come The Mission to the dark opening notes of Black Cat Bone from their recent album The Brightest Light…gone have the jangling 12 string to replaced with a heavier more menacing sound but its quickly back to classic Mission as the screen bursts into light as they play Beyond The Pale and the amazing Severina..now were talking!!

The Mission introduce new material from the new album into the set..Everything But The Squeal, Brightest Light and The Girl In A Fur Skin Rug but the loudest reception is kept for the classic mission numbers Butterfly On A Wheel and Wasteland and the crowd are all propelled back to the Goth heydays of the late 80’s – early 90’s heck even attempting crowd pyramid constructions although not very successful.. The Mission end their set bang up to date with the new single The Swan, returning after the customary encore with the driving bass of new song Drag…excellent stuff. Again classic Mission with blood Brother running into Deliverance and as the 12 string rings out the opening notes of Wasteland rang out I felt the shivers of nostalgia running up my spin…doesn’t get any better than this.

Two giants of Goth Rock come together to put on a for me the best gigs of the last 5 years…..Fields Of The Nephilim sticking to mainly old material and arguably stealing the show but The Mission now very different in appearance taking a chance by introducing more new stuff and showing they are still a force to be reckoned with were the better of the two for me ….gigs like this don’t come along very often….brilliant.