Take your time machine back to 1990 and chances are Extreme would have been on every popular radio station in the UK and America, their seminal album Pornograffitti was sitting top of the UK and American charts. The album is a successful fusion of funk and heavy rock which produced 3 top 10 singles Hole Hearted, Get The Funk Out and More Than Words. Now in 2014 like so many other 80’s and 90’s bands Extreme have breathed new life into Pornograffitti and based a world tour around it. Tonight the band roll their rock’n’funk circus into Glasgow for a sweaty night of ear pounding rock music and hot 90’s gyrations!!

Setlist for the night:

1. Decadence Dance

2. Li’L Jack Horny

3. When I’m President

4. Get The Funk Out

5. More Than Words

6. Tie Your Mother Down (Queen Cover)

7. Money (In God We Trust)

8. It (‘s A Monster)

9. Pornograffitti

10. When I First Kissed You

11. Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?)

12. He-Man Woman Hater/Flight Of The Wounded Bumble Bee

13. Song For Love

14. Hole Hearted


15. Play With Me

16. Rest In Peace

17. Am I Ever Going To Change

18. Midnight Express

19. Color Me Blind

20. Cupid’s Dead

Pix © Westy