Started as a stopgap to fill in the usually quiet time in the music scene in the bleak Glasgow Januarys Celtic Connections has become a popular fixture in the vibrant music calendar and tonight must surely be the biggest gig the organisers have put on to date. Del Amitri at the city’s newest and very popular Hydro, some might say it’s a bit ambitious to fill the 12,000 seated arena with a band who have been generally absent from the music scene for a number of years now but not a bit of it !! The gamble paid off and a healthy support packed the venue to cheer on The O’s, The Big Dish and Scotland’s favourites Del Amitri.
10 Years since their last Glasgow gig and back in at the deep end with Justin Currie admitting he didn’t like playing arenas saw Del Amitri take the stage to rapturous applause and open with Always The Last To Know, looks and sounds like the guys have never been away. The joy in Currie’s face was obvious …maybe a bit of relief as well to see so many faces turning up although he did admit to getting friends to buy as many tickets as possible!!
Billed as The A-Z Of Us Tour the set took the audience through the bands Back catalogue of six albums with all the favourites there….Kiss This Thing Goodbye, Just Like A Man, Driving With The Breaks On , taxi drivers favourite Spit In The Rain and Nothing Ever Happens… after an acoustic section which had a few females in the audience doe eyed staring at the painfully good looking Currie the band ended with a crescendo playing Being Somebody Else and the excellent Drunk In A Band. Del Amitri return to the stage afte a demanding audience call for more with In The Meantime, and concluding with the brilliant Move Away Jimmy Blue.
The show was pronounced a success by Currie and worth the effort, a sentiment echoed by the hordes of now older fans who thoroughly enjoyed the nostalgic trip back in time. As for Del Amitri hopefully there will be some new material heading our way…please.