Dearly beloved we are here to take pleasure in what has got to be one of the most exciting bands on the live circuit at the moment; Canadian stoner rockers Dearly Beloved are on tour with shoegazers Swervedriver and tonight the hit the world famous small gig King Tuts in Glasgow. Describing themselves as “an apocalyptic oil tanker from some Mad Max-ian dystopic future’ and that’s about bang on …these guys are loud and good, very good. Rob Higgins and Niva Chow are an impressive dynamic duo steering their apocalyptic tanker right into the crowd … literally!!! The last song ‘Candy Coated see’s Rob and Niva jump over the barrier and play in a bewildered shell shocked but happy crowd!!!

An excellent classic Tuts gig which saw Dearly Beloved give their all and win a lot of new fans, in my opinion they blew away the main act ‘Swervedriver’ the sound was better, and louder….excellent.