Sir Bob and his bunch of loveable rats were back in town and despite being a Monday night a healthy crowd packed into the venue as the Rats transformed it to Boomtown for an hour or two.

Despite everything Bob Geldof has been through in the last year he always puts on an excellent performance and backed by the Boomtown Rats the atmosphere was electric.

Opening for The Boomtown Rats were 90’s pop sensation Republica…Fronted by the gorgeous Saffron and despite some early technical difficulties they played a blinder eventually getting most of the crowd on their side and receiving a fairly rapturous applause.

The Boomtown Rats were never seriously a punk band or even a new wave band but they got swept up in the movement as did a lot of other bands and were quite happy to take advantage of that label and produce some excellent tunes.

The house lights dim and videos of The Rats are played showing pictures from the and now, The original band minus keyboard player Johnny Fingers and Gerry Cott walk on stage followed by Sir Bob and open with (I Never Loved )Eva Braun. Geldof paces the stage like a caged animal gesticulating to the excited crowd, Like Clockwork follows in quick succession. No political speeches tonight from Geldof but there was one long story about his well worn snake skin suit….in fact this is my third encounter with the Rats this year and the third time I had seen it!!!

In a set full of gems it would be hard to pick out favourites but Rat Trap or Rat Rap!! And Banana Republic would be contenders….I Don’t Like Mondays looked particularly emotional for Bob Geldof and a very long silence in the middle was a cue for some hecklers but all taken in good humour…

The Boomtown Rats were on fire with all the band making good use of the stage in particular Geldof who was jumping around like a man a third of his age (63…I think) and as usual giving the performance of his life as he always does.

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