Conveyors of plaid *shirts and *gutties Big Country played big music with a Scottish flavour and had some massive hits from the early eighties right into the late nineties when the bands popularity waned, lead singer Stuart Adamson publically declared he was suffering from bouts of depression which led to periods of disappearance and finally his untimely death by suicide in 2001.

Now with a new line up featuring Bruce Watson, his son Jamie Watson, original drummer Mark Brzezicki, singer Simon Hough and Simple Minds original bassist Derek Forbes to mark the release of the bands second album ‘Steeltown’ Big Country are touring playing the album in its entirety as well as the hits.

Tonight it’s the original Steeltown Motherwell’s chance to welcome the band, Motherwell was once the centre of Scotland’s steel industry with the giant complex Ravenscraig at its heart…this was ripped out by Thatcher’s government who closed the complex and by consequence turned the area in to a large industrial wasteland which to this day suffers from high unemployment and poverty.

Big Country are welcomed onto the stage by an excited crowd of about 500-600 punters in an amazing undervalued venue, as advertised the band played the whole of the first side of Steeltown before and interaction from the band to the crown when Bruce Watson introduced the second side…The crowd received the album with a slightly subdued but appreciative enthusiasm…Bruce Watson thanked the crowd and explained why they played the album but announced the fun was about to begin and boy did it …the crowd went apeshit when the opening chords of ‘Harvest Home’ rang out over the PA. ‘Look Away’, ‘Chance’, ‘In A Big Country’, ‘Wonderland’ and concluding with “Fields Of Fire’…but the crowd weren’t finished yet not by a long way, the band returned to play ‘Restless Natives’ before taking a bow from the audience abd declaring the gig the best yet…just like the Barrowland Days…high praise indeed for this amazing venue……more please Motherwell


*checked shirts and trainers