Its safe to say when We Are Augustines last played Glasgow they were on a rocket to stardom, they had just played an amazing gig in The Arches and we all thought that would be the last small gig they would play in Glasgow!!! Unfortunately it wasn’t to be and the band hid themselves away to write some new material. Now with a new album Augustines the band have reverted back to their original moniker Augustines and a world tour to promote the new album. The band tonight have returned to the city that embraced them as their own…Glasgow and back to the venue they left on a high…The Arches

Intro (I Touch Imaginary Hands) plays through the pa as the house lights are dimmed and the excited crowd start to chant “Augustines”… Billy McCarthy walks onto the stage with a smile a mile wide…his white teeth shining in the dark…this is one man who is glad to be back in Glasgow. Rise Ye Sunken Ships obviously features heavily in the set with all the crowd favourites Chapel Song, Juarez but for me one of the highlights was Walkabout from Augustines….a powerful song that see Billy McCarthy’s powerful heartfelt vocals fill the cavernous venue and culminating in a massive crescendo of a finish…he doesn’t just sing the songs …he lives them, a wonderful moment one I’m only too glad I witnessed. The new album is a more structured piece of work and has some classic songs that are amazing live…Cruel City, Kid Your On Your Own and Hold Onto Anything which starts with a massive vocal coming deep from the huge lungs of McCarthy… Now You Are Free is carried along by massive crowd participation from the Glasgow audience who are in good voice…I swear I see tears in Billy McCarthy’s eyes.. As what looked like the last song Book Of James an unexpected moment as Augustines play the last four songs in the middle of the audience which included The Clash’s Guns of Brixton, East Los Angeles and New Drink For An Old Drunk.

Much as I loved Rise Ye Sunken Ships for me the new material is better…more structured, more mature, played live the songs are very powerful. Billy McCarthy, Eric Sanderson and Rob Allen whether they like it or not are honorary sons of Glasgow as the city once more embraces them as one of their own…….

Video courtesy of Daren Borzynski

Pix © Westy